Therapy services at Belle Reve Senior Living in Milford, Pennsylvania

Stay Healthy and Engaged With Our Therapy Services

As we age, it’s critical to maintain strength, mobility and balance to prolong independence and prevent injury. Residents at Belle Reve Senior Living have access to professional on-site physical, occupational and speech therapies through Prime Rehabilitation Services Inc.

The Prime Rehabilitation Services team provides expertise and encouragement to help residents achieve success. The team will treat Personal Care, Memory Care and long-term Skilled Nursing residents with recurring therapies so they can maintain a high level of comfort and independence.

Prime Rehabilitation Services Inc. provides skilled nursing residents with on-site therapy services that include physical, occupational and speech therapies, and uses state-of-the-art Accelerated Care Plus (ACP) equipment, which is the same equipment used in the Olympics by professional athletes.

For residents receiving short-term care, Prime Rehabilitation Services physical, occupational and speech therapists will work together with residents and their family caregivers to ensure lasting results after discharge.

Prime Rehabilitation Services is now offering Outpatient Rehab services at Belle Reve Senior Living. Outpatient rehabilitation services will be available to individuals in the local community as well as patients who have discharged home and would benefit from continued therapy with the therapists they worked with during their stay.

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